Talend Big Data Training

Talend Big Data Training 

  • Course Overview
Talend Open Studio (TOS) is a wonderful open source Data Integration (DI) tool used to build end-to-end ETL solutions. Talend Big Data course will not only help the beginners to understand the art of data integration but also equip them with Big Data skills. This course also aims to educate you about Big Data through Talend’s powerful product “Talend for Big Data” (the first Hadoop-based data integration platform).

  • Course Objectives

After completion of the Talend Big Data Course, you will be able to:

• Understand the ETL concepts and How to solve the real time business problems using talend.
• Understand Talend Architecture and its various components.
• Gain familiarity with Talend tool to automate your complete Data Integration/Data Analysis/Data Warehousing requirements.
• Implement the use cases to demonstrate the most frequently used transformations and components.
• Interact with various types of source or target platform like Flat files (CSV, Fixed width), XML, Excel, Database, etc.
• Implement the real time use case & project scenarios such as: Scheduling talend jobs, automation/parameterization, finding duplicates (data quality), data cleansing, Integrating (joining) various heterogeneous source system to achieve required target system.
• Know that learning and expertise in TOS for DI is your best logical decision in taking the next big leap into Big Data world.
• Access and work with Hadoop using talend.
• How to play smart in Big Data environment (Hadoop).
• How to build use cases in HDFS, Pig and Hive (the most demanded and futuristic skills).

  • Who should go for this course?

This course is a foundation to all professionals aspiring a career in ETL, Data Warehousing, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Back-end support system. The following professionals can go for this course:
• Business Analysts
• Data Scientists
• DW programmers
• Data Architects
• Solution Architects

  • Pre-requisites

There are no prerequisites for this course. Familiarity with Databases /SQL concepts will be beneficial.

  • Why learn Big Data For ETL and Data Warehouse ?

Today, when data is mushrooming and coming in heterogeneous forms, there is a growing need for a flexible, adaptable platforms. Talend fits just perfect in this space with a proven track record, making scope for vast opportunities. If you understand how to manage, transform, store your organisation data (retail, banking, airlines, research, insurance, cards etc.) and effectively represent it, then you are the resource organizations are looking for.

Talend Big Data Training

Key features

  • 32 hours of instructor-led training
  • 5 simulation exams (250 questions each)
  • 8 domain-specific test papers (10 questions each)
  • 30 CPEs offered
  • 98.6% pass rate

Talend Big Data Training                                                Duration :- 4 Days

Day – 1

  • Introduction

  • Introduction to Talend big data
  • Why Talend?
  • Talend Editions and Features
  • Talend Data Integration Overview
  • Talend Environment
  • Repository and Pallate
  • Talend Design and Views

  • Talend Jobs Designing

  • Start Talend Open Studio for Data Integration
  • Create a Talend project to contain tasks
  • Create a Talend Job to perform a specific task
  • Add and configure components to handle data input, data transformation, and data output
  • Run a Talend Job and examine the results

  • Working with files and databases

  • Process different types of files using Talend
  • Connect to a database from a Talend Job
  • Use a component to create a database table
  • Write to and read from a database table from a Talend Job
  • Write data to an XML file from a Talend Job
  • Write an XML document to a file
  • Use components to create an archive and delete files
  • Assignment

Day -2

  • Talend Context Variables

  • Store configuration information centrally for use in multiple components
  • Execute Job sections conditionally
  • Create a schema for use in multiple components
  • Create variables for component configuration parameters
  • Run a Job to access specific values for the variables

  • Transformations

  • Troubleshoot a join by examining failed lookups
  • Use components to filter data
  • Generate sample data rows
  • Duplicate output flows

  • Filter unique data rows

  • Perform aggregate calculations on rows
  • Extend data from one source with data extracted from a second source
  • Assignment

  • Logs & Error Handling

  • Log data rows in the console rather than storing them
  • Employ mechanisms to kill a Job under specific circumstances
  • Include Job elements that change the behavior based on the success or failure of individual components or subjobs

  • Best Practices & Sample jobs

  • Build a visual model of a Talend Job or project
  • Copy an existing Job as the basis for a new Job
  • Add comments to document a Job and its components
  • Generate HTML documentation for a Job
  • Export a Job
  • Run an exported Job independently of Talend Open Studio
  • Create a new version of an existing Job
  • Assignment

  • Introduction to Talend Big data platform

  • Environment – Overview
  • Repository and Pallate
  • Design and Views


  • Operations on HDFS using Talend

  • Connect to a Hadoop cluster from a Talend Job
  • Store a raw Web log file to HDFS
  • Write text data files to HDFS
  • Read text files from HDFS
  • Read data from a SQL database and write it to HDFS
  • List a folder’s contents and operate on each file separately (Iteration)
  • Move, copy, append, delete, and rename HDFS files
  • Read selected file attributes from HDFS files
  • Conditionally operate on HDFS files

  • Map Reduce Jobs

  • Develop and run MapReduce jobs
  • Convert a standard job into a MapReduce job
  • Create Metadata for your Hadoop cluster connection
  • Configure context variables
  • Retrieve the schema of a file using Talend Wizard
  • Send data to Hadoop HDFS
  • Load multiple files into HDFS
  • Sort and aggregate data using MapReduce components
  • Filter data using MapReduce components

  • PIG

  • Develop and run Pig Jobs using Talend components
  • Sort, join, and aggregate data using Pig components
  • Filter data in multiple ways using Pig components
  • Replicate Pig data streams
  • Small Project / Case study


  • Hive 

  • Miscellaneous topics

  • Run Talend Jobs with the Apache Oozie Job Manager
  • Check data with Data Viewer
  • Read and write HBase tables
  • Write data to a HTML file
  • Talend Data Quality and MDM Overview

  • Best Practices & Sample jobs

  • Performance tuning techniques
  • best practices
  • Coding guidelines in
  • Small project – Case study



Talend Big Data Training

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