ETL Testing Training Bangalore

ETL Testing Training Bangalore

Project – TestingCube

Data – Sales

Problem Statement – This involves testing a Cube of sales data containing various products. This Cube needs to be rigorously tested. The various steps include connection validation, dimension validation, external interface specification file data matching, data selection, and so on.

  • About Course

This ETL Testing Training can be taken by anybody from beginners to experts. This course follows a step-by-step routine that includes ETL Testing introduction, the difference between OLAP and OLTP, learning about Data Warehousing concepts, its workflow, RDBMS, difference between database testing and data warehouse testing, checking data using SQL and the opportunities in Business Intelligence.

  • What you will learn in this Training Course?

  • Understand data warehousing and how Business Intelligence works
  • ETL basics, ETL Testing Process, best practices and Standards
  • Learn ETL data validation
  • understanding of ETL testing workflow process
  • Learn how to work with RDBMS
  • Constraint Testing, Error Handling, Dependency Testing
  • Compare ETL Database Testing and Data Warehouse Testing
  • Deploy SQL for implementing data Checks using SQL
  • Prepare for the ETL Certification
    • Who should take this Training Course?
  • ETL and SQL Developers, software engineers and analysts
  • BI, Mainframe, and database Project managers
  • What are the prerequisites for taking this Training Course?

Anybody can get trained as there are no prerequisites for learning ETL Testing. A basic knowledge of SQL concepts can be helpful.

  • Why should you take this Training Course?

  • Most companies estimate they’re analyzing a mere 12% of the data they have – Forrester Research
  • Big Data Analytics to reach $13.95 Billion by 2017 – MarketsandMarkets
  • ETL Developer in United States can earn $100,000 – indeed.comToday’s businesses have to work with data in multiple formats extracted from multiple sources. All this makes ETL testing all the important. The extracting, transforming and loading of data has to be verified and any anomalies found have to be fixed. Thus there is a need for testers in ETL and Data Warehouse domains. This training can equip you to take up good jobs in some of the biggest companies in the world.

ETL Testing Training Bangalore

Key features

  • 16 hours of instructor-led training
  • 5 simulation exams (250 questions each)
  • 8 domain-specific test papers (10 questions each)
  • 30 CPEs offered
  • 98.6% pass rate

ETL Testing Training Bangalore                                      Duration :- 2 Days

Module 1-ETL Testing Overview, OLTP vs. OLAP

  • Overview of ETL testing
  • Concepts of Business Intelligence
  • Lifecycle of ETL testing
  • Core concepts of Database
  • Difference between OLTP and OLAP
  • Concepts of Data Warehousing

Module 2-RDBMS Overview, Comparison between Database Testing and Data Warehousing

  • What is RDBMS?
  • Concepts of relational databases
  • Data Types
  • Integrity Constraints
  • Comparison between Database Testing and Data Warehouse Testing

Module 3-Workflow and Case Study in data Warehousing

  • Workflow for Data Warehouse
  • Various Scenarios in ETL Testing
  • Data Warehouse Testing
  • ETL Mapping
  • Data Loss/Mismatch Testing

Module 4-Testing Scenarios

  • Testing Scenario Matrix
  • Constraint Testing
  • Source to Target Testing
  • Business Rules Testing
  • Negative Scenarios Testing
  • Dependency Testing
  • Error Handling Testing

Module 5-Data Checks with SQL

  • Database Structure
  • SQL for Testers
  • Data Checks using SQL
  • Examples of SQL Scripts

Module 6-BI Testing and its Scope

  • Check List – ETL Tester
  • Key responsibilities of the Tester
  • SCD Testing
  • CUBE Testing
  • BI testing and its scope

Project Work

Project –

Cube Testing

Data –


Problem Statement –

It creates a cube which calculates the five years sales according to the products. It also includes cube testing. The checklist for cube list is:

  • Validate all the data warehouse connection setting is working
  • Reconcile Measures and Dimensions in cube with data warehouse
  • Validate dimension hierarchies.
  • Validate measures in association with dimension attributes.
  • If any, match with External Interface Specification file data.
  • Verify all facts with combination of possible dimensions.
  • Select data from data warehouse with the same combinations


ETL Testing Training Bangalore

You can enroll for this classroom training online. Payments can be made using any of the following options and receipt of the same will be issued to the candidate automatically via email.

1. Online ,By deposit the mildain bank account

2. Pay by cash team training center location

Highly qualified and certified instructors with 20+ years of experience deliver more than 200+ classroom training.
Venue is finalized few weeks before the training and you will be informed via email. You can get in touch with our 24/7 support team for more details. Contact us Mob no:- 8447121833, Mail id:  [email protected] . If you are looking for an instant support, you can chat with us too.
We provide transportation or refreshments along with the training.
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good session..!!
will be useful to improve my technical Knowledge..
The concepts of the Instructor was mind-blowing…Lots of Industry examples…Very well organized…
Ajay Nunna
Nice session…!! enjoyed learning new things
Really good training. It helped me to clear a lot of doubts which were present in my mind for a long time.
“ The course content is very good and satisfactory. The trainer is also good with his teaching abilities.”
Apply the knowledge in understanding the new 11b framework setup in our system.
Apply the skill in day to day operational maintenance of our IT infrastrututre.