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Android Online Training

$299.00 $210.00

Key Features

  • 40 hours of Lab Exercises/Practical’s
  • 65% of extensive learning through Hands-on exercises, Project Work, Assignments and Quizzes
  • The training will prepare you for certification,certification provides validations that you have the skills and knowledge to use Advanced Android Online Training effectively.
  • Learning of each step for Installation of software.
  • One on One instructor Led Training

Why take Advanced Android Online Training Course?

  • There is an excessive need for professionals skilled in Android Application Development for better salary and excellent job opportunities

  • To make sure you enjoy your learning this training is the perfect blend of theory, practicals,assignments and case study(Project).

Product Description

  • overview:

Advanced Android course will guide you through the process of producing an app, we’ll identify the production criteria that still needs to be implemented, then tackle each problem until your app is ready to publish on the Google Play Store. In the process, we’ll introduce you to a host of tools and concepts, including: material design approaches, image-handling, performance profiling, and more!

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to identify critical areas for improvement in an app, and implement the necessary changes and refinements to ensure it meets Android’s Core App Guidelines prior to shipping.

Part 1: Advanced Android Concepts

  • Session 1: Managing and Organizing Preferences

  • Exploring the Preferences Framework
  • Organizing Preferences

  • Session 2-3: Familiarizing with the Android Native Development Kit (NDK)

  • Native Methods and JNI Calls
  • The Android NDK
  • Android-Provided Native Libraries
  • Building Your Own Custom Library Modules
  • Native Activities

  • Session 4: Exploring Security and Permissions

  • Understanding the Android Security Model
  • Performing Runtime Security Checks

  • Session 5-6: Testing and Publishing Your Application

  • Testing Android Applications
  • Testing Best Practices
  • Maximizing Test Coverage
  • Getting Ready to Publish
  • Understanding the Release Process
  • Preparing the Release Candidate Build
  • Testing the Application Release Candidate
  • Packaging and Signing an Application
  • Testing the Signed Application Package
  • Publishing on the Android Market
  • Selling on the Android Market
  • Exploring Other Android Publishing Options

  • Session 7-8: Exploring Android Internals Primer

  • App Developer’s View
  • Overall Archtecture
  • Linux Kernel
  • Hardware Support
  • Native User-Space
  • Dalvik and Android’s Java
  • System Services
  • Stock AOSP Packages
  • System Startup

Part 2: Embedded Linux Overview

  • Session 9: The Embedded and Real-Time Space

  • What Is Embedded?
  • What Is Real-Time?
  • How and Why Does Linux Fit In?
  • Where Is Linux Embedded?
  • Open Source Licensing

  • Session 10-11: Introducing Linux

  • Running Linux—KDE
  • Linux Features
  • Protected Mode Architecture
  • The Linux Process Model
  • The Linux File System
  • System Configuration
  • The Shell
  • Getting Help

  • Session 12: The Host Development Environment

  • Cross-Development Tools—The GNU Tool Chain
  • Install Software
  • The Terminal Emulator, minicom
  • Networking

  • Session 13-15: The Hardware

  • Embedded Hardware
  • ARM Single Board Computer
  • What About Other Boards?
  • Setting Up the Mini2440
  • Flash Memory and File Systems
  • Preparing the Board
  • The Boot Loader

  • Session 16-17: Configuring and Building the Kernel

  • Getting Started
  • Kernel Makefile
  • Patching the Kerne
  • Configuring the Kernel—make config, menuconfig, xconfig
  • Behind the Scenes—What’s Really Happening
  • Building the Kernel
  • Booting the New Kernel

  • Session 18-20: Kernel Modules and Device Drivers

  • Kernel Modules
  • What’s a Device Driver Anyway?
  • Linux Device Drivers
  • Debugging Kernel Code
  • Handling Interrupts
  • Building Your Driver into the Kernel


  • Approx 04 Weeks

    Approx 06 hours / week

  • HOURS:- 20 SESSIONS (each session of 2 hours)

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