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Big Data and Hadoop Online Training

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Become a Big Data Administrator by learning concepts of Hadoop and implement advanced operations on Hadoop Clusters through Mildain Certified Trainer.

Why take Hadoop Administration Training Course?

  • Hadoop is a combination of online running applications on a huge scale built of commodity hardware. It helps in storing and handling huge amounts of data in a faster and cost-effectivemanner
  • There is an excessive need for professionals skilled in Hadoop Administration for better salary and excellent job opportunities.
  • Companies Using Hadoop: Amazon Web Services, Intel, Microsoft, IBM, Hortonworks, Cloudera, Twitter, Salesforce, AT&T, StumbleUpon, eBay, Yahoo!, Facebook, Hulu, Pivotal, etc.
  • You can find amazing career opportunities. Top Job websites for Hadoop Jobs- Indeed: 11000+, LinkedIn: 4500+, net: 8000+.

Product Description

Hadoop Admin/Hadoop Online Training

  • Key Features

  • 20 hours of High-Quality Video E-Learning Sessions
  • 40 hours of Lab Exercises/Practical’s
  • 65% of extensive learning through Hands-on exercises, Project Work, Assignments and Quizzes
  • The training will prepare you for Cloudera Certification as well as learners can learn how to work with Hortonworks and MapR Distributions
  • 24X7 Lifetime Support with Rapid Problem Resolution Guaranteed
  • Learning of each step for Installation of Software

  • About Hadoop Admin Training Course

Training course at Mildain is a comprehensive study of Big Data Administration using Hadoop. The Topics to be included are Introduction to Hadoop and its Architecture, MapReduce and HDFS and MapReduce Abstraction. It also covers best practices to configure, deploy, administer, maintain, monitor and troubleshoot a Hadoop Cluster. This course also trains on Job scheduling in Hadoop, Multi-node Cluster setup using Amazon ec2 and brief about Yarn.

  • Learning Objectives

After completion of Hadoop Administration Training course, Participants will be able to:

  • Understand Hadoop main components and Architecture
  • Deep dive into Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • Understand Map Reduce abstraction and its working
  • Plan and Deploy a Hadoop cluster
  • Administer and maintain a Hadoop cluster
  • Optimize Hadoop cluster for high performance, based on specific job requirements
  • Monitor Hadoop cluster and Execute routine Administration procedures
  • Handle Hadoop component failures and recoveries
  • Know best practices of using Hadoop in the enterprise world
  • Understand concepts of Yarn

  • Recommended Audience

  • QA Professionals aspiring to make a career in Big Data Analytics using Hadoop Framework.
  • System Administrators and Support Engineers who will test Hadoop works

  • Pre- Requisites:

  • Basic knowledge of Unix
  • Prior knowledge of Apache Hadoop is not required.

Hadoop Online Training

  • Unit 1: The Case for Apache Hadoop

  • Why Hadoop?
  • Core Hadoop Components
  • Fundamental Concepts

  • Unit 2: HDFS

  • HDFS Features
  • Writing and Reading Files
  • NameNode Memory Considerations
  • Overview of HDFS Security
  • Using the Namenode Web UI
  • Using the Hadoop File Shell

  • Unit 3: Getting Data into HDFS

  • Ingesting Data from External Sources with Flume
  • Ingesting Data from Relational Databases with Sqoop
  • REST Interfaces
  • Best Practices for Importing Data

  • Unit 4: YARN and MapReduce

  •  What Is MapReduce?
  •  Basic MapReduce Concepts
  •  YARN Cluster Architecture
  •  Resource Allocation
  •  Failure Recovery
  •  Using the YARN Web UI
  •  MapReduce Version 1

  • Unit 5: Planning Your Hadoop Cluster

  • General Planning Considerations
  • Choosing the Right Hardware
  • Network Considerations
  • Configuring Nodes
  • Planning for Cluster Management

  • Unit 6: Hadoop Installation and Initial Configuration

  • Deployment Types
  • Installing Hadoop
  • Specifying the Hadoop Configuration
  • Performing Initial HDFS Configuration
  • Performing Initial YARN and MapReduce

  • Unit7: Configuration

  • Hadoop Logging

  • Unit 8: Installing and Configuring Hive, Impala, and Pig

  • Hive
  • Impala
  • Pig

  • Unit 9: Hadoop Clients

  • What is a Hadoop Client?
  • Installing and Configuring Hadoop Clients
  • Installing and Configuring Hue
  • Hue Authentication and Authorization

  • Unit 10: Cloudera Manager

  • The Motivation for Cloudera Manager
  • Cloudera Manager Features’
  • Express and Enterprise Versions
  • Cloudera Manager Topology
  • Installing Cloudera Manager
  • Installing Hadoop Using Cloudera Manager
  •  Performing Basic Administration Tasks

  • Unit 11: Using Cloudera Manager Advanced Cluster Configuration

  • Advanced Configuration Parameters
  • Configuring Hadoop Ports
  • Explicitly Including and Excluding Hosts
  • Configuring HDFS for Rack Awareness
  • Configuring HDFS High Availability

  • Unit 12: Hadoop Security

  • Why Hadoop Security Is Important
  • Hadoop’s Security System Concepts
  • What Kerberos Is and How it Works
  • Securing a Hadoop Cluster with Kerberos

  • Unit 13: Managing and Scheduling Jobs

  •     Query Scheduling

  • Unit 14: Cluster Maintenance

  • Checking HDFS Status
  • Copying Data Between Clusters
  • Adding and Removing Cluster Nodes
  • Rebalancing the Cluster
  • Cluster Upgrading

  • Unit 15: Cluster Monitoring and Troubleshooting

  • General System Monitoring
  • Monitoring Hadoop Clusters
  • Common Troubleshooting Hadoop Clusters
  • Common Misconfigurations


Hadoop Online Training


  • Approx 02 Weeks

    Assume 20 hours / week

  • HOURS:- 20 SESSIONS (each session of 2 hours)


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