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Learn MongoDB Online


Why Take MongoDB Training course ?

  • There is an excessive need for professionals skilled in mongoDB  for better salary and excellent job opportunities
  • To make sure you enjoy your learning this training is the perfect blend of theory, practicals,assignments and case study(Project).
  • With Mildain, you get intensive training from mongoDB expert.
  • Mildain provide up to date content, 100% learning satisfaction.

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Product Description

  • You will Learn:

  • Basic Concepts of MongoDB
  • CRUD Operations in MongoDB
  • How to model database relationships?
  • How to create and embed indices? What are the various types of indices and their features?
  • What is the aggregation framework?
  • What are pipeline operators and their detailed functionalities?
  • How to create aggregation pipelines?
  • Replication in MongoDB
  • What is sharding? How it is implemented?
  • Query Routing and Shard Key types

  • Who Should Attend?
The course is for web developers, database administrators and managers who would want to understand the extensive features of the Apache MongoDB database system that offers a rich data model with easy scaling. It is tailored for those who are looking to move away from a relational database to adopt NoSQL solutions. It is however not restricted to the above, as anyone with the passion to learn can enroll as well.
  • Introduction

  • Install on Windows
  • File system Type
  • Linux Service
  • Safe Kill/Dangerous Kill
  • Dirty Shutdown recovery
  • Shutdown from shell

  • Configuration

  • Storage Engines
  • Journal
  • Directory per DB


  • CRUD operation

  • SORT
  • CRUD operation

  • Data In and Data Out

  • Mongodump
  • Simpledump
  • Housekeeping DBs
  • Credentials
  • File access
  • Restore specific collections
  • Mongoimport
  • Selective Export

  • Indexing

  • Build Indexes
  • Muletiple Key
  • Covering , Sparse Index
  • Good Index
  • Limitations

  • Replica sets

  • Replica Set Oplog
  • Replica Set Data Synchronization
  • Master Slave Replication
  • Deploy a Replica Set
  • Deploy a Replica Set for Testing and Development
  • Add an Arbiter to Replica Set

  • Sharding

  • Simplistic Topology
  • Production Topology
  • Moving Chunks

  • Monitoring

  • Query Profiler
  • Mongostat
  • Log Files
  • Querying slow Queries
  • MMS

  • Security

  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Built-In Roles
  • User-Defined Roles
  • Collection-Level Access Control
  • Encryption
  • Security Hardening
  1. MongoDB Configuration Hardening
  • Enable Access Control
  1. Enable Client Access Control
  2. Enable Internal Authentication
  • Configure Users and Roles
  1. Manage User and Roles
  2. Built-In Roles
  3. System.roles Collection
  4. System.users Collection

  • Misc

  1. Storage Engines
  2. Wired Tiger

  • Approx : 2 weeks
  • Session : 16 session (each sessions of 2 hours )

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