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  • zend-framework-2-online-training
  • zend-framework-2-online-training

Zend framework 2 Training Certification Course

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Key Features

  • 20 hours of High-Quality Video E-Learning Sessions
  • 40 hours of Lab Exercises/Practical’s
  • 65% of extensive learning through Hands-on exercises, Project Work, Assignments and Quizzes
  • The training will prepare you for Certification, Certification provides validation that you have the skills and knowledge to use Zend Framework 2 effectively.
  • Learning of each step for Installation of Software.
  • One on One Instructor Led Training.

Why take Zend framework 2 Online Training Course?

  • To make sure you enjoy your learning this training is the perfect blend of theory, practicals,assignments and case study(Project).
  • This course from mildain Solutions is intended to give an using Zend Framework 2 by creating a simple database driven application using the Model-View-Controller paradigm. By the end of this training you will have a working ZF2 application.
  • There is an excessive need for professionals skilled in zend framework 2  for better salary and excellent job opportunities.
  • You can find amazing career opportunities across globe after zend framework training and Certification.

Product Description

This course from mildain Solutions is intended to give an using Zend Framework 2 training by creating a simple database driven application using the Model-View-Controller paradigm. By the end of this training you will have a working ZF2 application.

What new features will I find in Zend Framework 2?

Some highlights:

  • An entirely re-written event-driven MVC layer
  • Components practice dependency injection, supported by our Service Locator and DiC components
  • A powerful module management system
  • An EventManager, for writing event-driven systems, as well as for creating cut points in your software for introducing cross-cutting concerns.
  • A new view layer, architected around analyzing the request and generating a suitable response, be it plain old HTML, or Atom feeds or JSON.

What are the requirements?

  • You should be familiar with object-oriented programming (OOP)
  • Being familiar with PHP is a bonus, but not a strict requirement

What is the target audience?

  • This course is intended for people who either want to learn Zend Framework 2 and have no prior experience with this framework, or people who have basic experience with Zend Framework 2.

This course does not cover all of the details of Zend Framework 2, but covers the basics in details. If you are looking to become a Zend Framework professional, then this course is an excellent starting point, but the course is also highly useful for casual web developers who just want to learn the framework for their own personal use

Zend Framework 2 Basics

  • Introduction
  • Setting up a Zend Framework 2 project
  • Handling routines
  • Installation of gitbash
  • Installation of xampp server
  • Installation of Zend studio
  • Using configurations to your benefit
  • Understanding Invokables
  • Additions of methods and passing data using view model
  • Creating new controllers in default Module and activatingit.

Creating Music module from Screatch

  • Directory structure of Module
  • Creation and Working of module.config.php
  • Creation and working of Module.php
  • Creation of new controllers , methods ,Data passing using Array

Creations of Forms

  • Introduction
  • Creating forms
  • Using form view helpers
  • Creating a custom form element and form view helper
  • Validations
  • Using filter

Using View

  • Introduction
  • Working with View
  • Creating a global layout template
  • Creating reusable Views
  • Using view strategies/renderers
  • Using contest switching for a different output
  • Writing a custom view strategy/renderer

Configuring and Using Databases

  •  Introduction
  • Connecting to a database
  • Executing simple queries
  • Executing queries using Tablet Gateway
  • Optimization with a DB profiler
  • Creating a Database Access Object

Login Logout Authentication


  • How to use Zend Paginator
  • Using fetchAll method

Handling Authentication

  • Introduction
  • Understanding up a simple database Authentication
  • Setting up a simple database Authentication
  • Writing a custom Authentication method

Optimizing Performance

  • Introduction
  • Caching and When to Cache
  • Understanding and Using storage plugins
  • Setting up a caching system

 DAYS:- 05 Days

HOURS:- 20 Session (each session 2 Hours)

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1 review for Zend framework 2 Training Certification Course

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Ghansham Rajput

    I learnt a lot of basic as well very advanced features of zend framework 2 my trainer was very competent and Professional but above all very, able to teach, NICE EXPERIENCE.

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